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February 12, 2019

Memorial, construction stage 2

Holodomor victims Memorial

“As is known, the historical museum complex “Holodomor victims Memorial” is located on the Pechersk Hills of the capital in the Park of Eternal Glory. The candle-shaped chapel and above-ground sculptures were erected in 2008-2010. Over the course of its existence the museum has become a research center which requires an increase of the infrastructure for the full-blown operation and creation of a full-fledged museum.” 

The general contractor is “OSNOVA” Construction Company.

The works on installation of retaining walls and ground excavation are under way. The works on the lower ground adjoining the Park lane have been started. A car parking space and an access to the funicular will be located there.

Barrette piles are currently made with special equipment. Barrettes represent a type of heavy-duty in situ piles. In order to erect them, under slurry protection a grab bucket is used to excavate a trench where a reinforcement cage is subsequently placed and concrete casting is performed.Barrette installation technology corresponds to the technology of one pour of slurry walls.