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March 28, 2019

Safety of labor in construction

Safety of work in construction - the path to zero injury.

On the 20th of March, 2019 within the exhibition INTERBUILDEXPO-2019 in Kyiv, public workshop “Enforcement of safety rules in construction is the way for zero accident”, that was organized by the magazine “Work safety” together with Building Chamber of Ukraine, Building workers Union of Ukraine, representatives of  building organizations and European Society of Occupational Safety Heals(ESOSH) was held.

Building Chamber of Ukraine emphasizes on necessity of paying attention to creation of proper safe labour condition in construction. Relevancy of the question caused by the fact that according to the statistics of the sector, more than 11 persons from 100 thousand workers died in 2018 (in EC this figure does not exceed 0.5 - 3.0). Besides, conception of work safety control system reformation was approved by the Government of Ukraine. These are fundamental changes that focused on prevention measures, estimation and management of risk at the workplaces.

Both experienced specialist and college kids became seminar attendees. Syanislav Stashevskiy, Vice president of Building Chamber of Ukraine; Vasyl Andeev, Head of Building workers Union of Ukraine; Dmytro Matviychuk, moderator- chief editor of the magazine; trainers and experts : Irina Petchenko, Deputy Director General on work safety of  Osnova-Solsif, Ukrainian-French Joint Venture; Olha Bohdanova , Technical expert of Institute of health and safety IOSH (Great Britain), member of International Social Security Association, Doctor of science with a degree in Work Safety; Pavlo Okara, Yurii Boryspolets shared their experience, current thinking of health and safety  and memories.