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December 13, 2018

Topping out!

This tradition goes back 200 years and didn’t leave out the construction of the Medical Center “OBERIH”

Monolithic frame of the new building of the Medical Center “OBERIH” is completed and following the time-honored construction tradition the topping out (roofing) ceremony was held. So what is it? Wikipedia will tell about it in the best way:

“Topping out (roof timbers holiday) is celebrated at the time when the stage of construction of a building or house reaches its highest point – the roof framing or roof timbers are completed and all the hard work is over. This is the time when the owners or customers of the house can express their gratitude for the work both to the workers who will continue roofing, finishing, plumbing and other works, and those who have already finished their work on the site ... When the time comes, builders hang a wreath at the highest point of the building, which symbolizes that the masters are ready to report on the work done, they are convinced of the safety of the building and give the owner a sign to lay festive tables. These festive tables can not be laid with symbolic refreshments, there should be main, rich dishes, sweet courses also shouldn’t be forgotten. Then everyone associated with the creation of this project sits at the common table in order to celebrate this solemn moment and to honor the masters and designers.

After 10 days the wreath must be removed and kept at home as a symbol of safety and blessing. It is usually stored in the attic or in any other place, but you must not throw away this wreath. The most popular materials for wreaths are oak branches with leaves and mint. The wreath should be made by the mistress of the new house. If the mistress did not make it in time, and the topping out falls on the winter or spring period, then conifer branches and other materials can be used.”



Times change, and so do traditions, but not their essence. Not a wreath, but a huge flower was mounted by our builders. A certain stage has been completed and work is continuing in full swing. Roofers are working, external enclosing structures and a suspended facade are built. Works on the construction of the retaining wall on the side of the rear facade are coming to their end. Service lines are laid outside and inside the building. Metal structures manufactured at “STEELTECH” plant are installed.