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Background and experience


History of group in chronological order


The history of OSNOVA company began with the creation of small design and construction company in 1989 arisen in response to growing demands of the market of non-standard solutions and new technologies in construction, which were not of general application in country at that time.


High-quality performance of OSNOVA company in Ukraine attracted the interest of foreign companies, so in 1994 the company accepts the cooperation offer from a French company, SOLETANCHE BACHY, specializing in works related to underground structures. A Ukrainian-French OSNOVA-SOLSIF joint venture is established, and that was the start of the new phase of company development.

The first achievement of a newly established company was its development at its own expense, and that was rather an exceptional case at that time. However, neither a galloping inflation, nor lack of proper legal framework impeded the company’s moving forward.

The main specialization of OSNOVA-SOLSIF company is a full set of foundation works, hydraulic and concrete works, as well as a range of construction works with "turnkey" commissioning of objects of any complexity in a shortest time possible at a guaranteed quality.

An important step was the fact that OSNOVA was the first construction company in Ukraine to buy equipment.

A significant achievement of the company was the possibility at the time to apply innovative technology of soil cementation, which was earlier applied only in raising dam bases and constructions, as well as in micropile foundation engineering. In future — the "buried wall" waterproof technology, root piles, ground anchors, and jet grouting. Recent achievement is the production of barrettes (large section piles of complex shape), application of self-climbing hydraulic formwork and distributing hydraulic booms for concrete pumps for the construction of high-rise buildings.


First application of Jet Grouting technology in Ukraine for setting jet piles at the site of reconstruction of “Inter” office building at Chygorina street, Kyiv, and the reconstruction of fundaments for the Ukrainian Academy of Banking of the National Bank of Ukraine at Andiivska street, Kyiv.


Surpassing Customer’s expectations in construction of underground structures considering the confined nature of high-dense urban areas, the company creates a Department of Special and Hydroengineering Works. The structure of the Department is unique and allows the Customer to obtain a closed cycle of works at either construction or reconstruction of objects with special engineering-geological and hydrogeological conditions. This is the first time the anchoring technology under the Soletanche Bachy patent (multi-bulb rope anchors for heavy loads over 50 tn) was applied in Ukraine during the execution of landslide measures in Massandra military detachment.

After analyzing the market of outsize transportations in Ukraine and Europe, Special Transportations Department was established on the basis of transport division. In 1997, the company is issued a Certificate of Associate Member of AIAC (AsMAP) and starts the transportation of outsize and heavy cargos both within and outside Ukraine to CIS countries, at the territory of Western Europe and Asia using ferry crossing, as well as combined transportations involving air, marine, and railroad transport.


For the first time in Ukraine a waterproof "buried wall" was implemented for underground parking garage of an office building at Zhylianska street.