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Betomix concrete mix production plant

Year of commissioning: 2001
Headcount: 20
Geolocation: Kyiv
Area of production facilities: 1.5 he

In 2001, OSNOVA Group of Companies acquired a BETOMIX automated factory for production of concrete mixes from the world famous Liebherr Group, thus supplying particularly the demand of its construction sites in concrete mixtures of different classes.

Betomix concrete mix production plant

Basic information

Key advantages of the BETOMIX plant

  • Ecological purity
  • High capacity (estimated capacity is 75 cubic meters/hour)
  • Safety
  • Full automation of the process
  • Minimum number of staff

Over 70 concrete compositions of B7.5-B60 classes and different consistency have been developed at BETOMIX plant

  • For grout-injected piles
  • For auger cast piles
  • For vertical and horizontal structures of buildings
  • For "slurry walls" and Barrettes (with 3.5-4 h delayed setting of concrete)
  • For arched roof structures
  • W6-W12 hydraulic concrete mixtures
  • Fine grain concrete
  • Cast and low-slump concrete for floors
  • Fibrous concrete mixes
  • High-quality concrete mixtures with up to 700 kgf/cm2 strength

Owing to full automation of the process, the Customer is guaranteed the high quality concrete mix with specified parameters of yieldability, frost resistance, water resistance, and so on.

To be able to work in winter time, the plant is equipped with TURBOMATIC gas-fired plant.

In 2002 the company was certified under ISO 9001-2008 quality system, received certificates for B7.5-B60, W6-W12, and F200 concrete classes, and has the national standard Certificates of Conformity. In addition, modern equipment for polypropylene and metal fiber supply has been installed for the manufacture of fiber-reinforced concrete.

Concrete mixes are manufactured at the plant using various import chemical additives of leading companies such as "Sika", "Mapei", "Bio-tech", "Soral", and "Bauchemy" according to the State Construction Standard V.2.7-64-97 (B.2.7-64-97) and with regard to MSDS recommendations of the best suppliers. They allow changing their properties depending on the season and technological characteristics of concrete. At the same time, 80% of concrete mixtures are poured using concrete pumps.

The quality control is exercised at all stages: from receipt of raw materials to delivery of finished products to Customers.