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Improvement of the territory

Improvement of the territory

Civil engineering works

Territory improvement is an essential step towards the completion of civil works. It is a set of activities conducted on the territory aimed at improving the operating and aesthetic area characteristics.

Group of companies OSNOVA provides a full range of activities,  which will not only improve the adjacent area, but also bring it into line with health and hygiene standards:

  • Area cleaning
  • Paving and laying paving slabs
  • Arrangement of drainage and sewerage systems
  • Installation of driveways, porches, walkways and platforms
  • Arrangement of lawns and flower beds
  • Installing curbs fences, ornamental fences and fences
  • Power supply system installation
  • Outdoor lighting territory
  • Placement of small architectural forms

You can contact OSNOVA experts concerning project development of engineering systems and networks.

The specialists of our Group perform work professionally and in time, sticking to the principle of balanced price and quality.