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Professional development

Each company of the Group promotes professional development of its employees, and provides personalized training for each of them. Professional development during training courses and exercises, internships is a prerequisite of individual self-fulfillment and professional growth. Therefore, we welcome and support professional ambitions and aspirations of our employees to constant growth since we are interested in developing of highly qualified personnel.

We solve the issue related to engaging young skilled workers through close cooperation with the leading Ukrainian universities. The main objective of this cooperation is to strengthen the theoretical basis gained in the universities through knowledge in the sphere of modern construction technologies used in the leading Ukrainian and international companies. With this objective, the Company is involved into the development of new standards and regulations. He helped many talented young experts graduated from the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture and other specialized schools to realize their personal potential. Cooperation with the universities provides industrial practice and pre-graduation practical training of students at the leading enterprises of OSNOVA Company Group.

The local training system is aimed at developing cooperation between all departments and divisions, including project managers of OSNOVA Company Group. Each company of the Group has established its training subdivisions offering training programs tailored to local needs in the region. For example, OSNOVA- CRIMEA continues to develop personalized training for staff in the sphere of marine shore protection and anti-landslide measures at the territory of the Crimea.

OSNOVA decided also to implement e-learning platform common to all educational units of the Group in order to facilitate understanding of the processes and deepen the cooperation.

The methodology of mentoring is also practiced when qualified workers such as employees, operators, construction site managers, engineers share their knowledge and experience with young specialists who recently started their career. This provides comfortable adaptation of young specialists to professional requirements and allows supporting experienced professionals “55+” in their professional development and opening new opportunities for them at the final stage of their career.