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Civil engineering works

All construction works are united under one name, i.e. construction and installation works. There are many kinds of work, including civil works. This entire range of activities, actions and processes, which, one way or another, influence the construction of buildings and structures.

Civil engineering works

Types of work

There are several classifications of construction works, each of them respectively includes different groups and types of works. Civil works include a wide range of various works that combine a variety of activities for the design, preparation and construction of the facility. At the stage of civil works processes are divided by types of used or recycled materials, as well as by structural elements.

Group of companies OSNOVA offers the following package of civil works

  • Geodetic works
  • Pe-construction works
  • Excavation works
  • Foundation works
  • Concrete and reinforced concrete works
  • Roofing
  • Facade systems
  • Decoration
  • Territory improvement

Civil engineering works

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