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Year of incorporation: 2003
Headcount: 10


CKOSMiK (Center for Comprehensive Examination of Materials and Structures) independent testing center provides services for quality control of concrete and reinforced concrete structures in construction of monolithic objects throughout Ukraine, starting with incoming material control and finishing with structure testing for acceptance. The experienced and qualified staff allows performing tests both for OSNOVA group of companies and for third-party organizations based on corresponding contracts within their own certified geotechnical and construction laboratories.


Company Profile

  • Control of construction and installation works (incoming inspection, technology compliance control, operation checking, and acceptance testing)
  • Testing of construction materials
  • Testing of reinforced concrete structures by NDT methods
  • Strength testing by mechanical methods
    • "Separation with Spalling Effect" method according to State Standard of Ukraine Б.В. 2.7-220:2009
    • Striker recoil method according to State Standard of Ukraine Б.В. 2.7-220:2009
  • Defining strength by through-transition method according to State Standard of Ukraine Б.В.2.7-226:2009; state of cracks in concrete and reinforced concrete structures
  • Defining concrete cover up to reinforcement, its diameter, and state — by magnetic method according to State Standard of Ukraine Б.В.2.6-4-95 (GOST 22904-93)
  • Defining integrity and length of drilling and driven piles and structures (Barrettes) with regard to SNiP (Construction Norms and Regulations) requirements 3.02.01-87
  • Soil testing to determine their physical and mechanical properties
  • Concrete mixture selection

Organization of the following

  • Survey and certification of existing buildings, structures, and utilities
  • Topographic-geodesic works
  • Geodetic survey
  • Geotechnical and hydrogeological works
  • Using the latest certified modern equipment and testing and measurement methods the team of qualified experts performs quality control of operating buildings and structures and those under construction in the shortest possible time with the following report issue within 1-2 days.


  • "POS-50 MG4" ("ПОС-50 MГ4") concrete strength tester (Russia)
  • Schmidt Hammer (sclerometer), type N (Italy)
  • Elcometer protovale 331 TH (England)
  • TICO concrete strength tester (Switzerland)
  • "UK" ("УК") concrete strength tester - 39 (Russian)
  • SIT-SYSTEM (sonic integrity testing) (Netherlands)
  • Elcometer protovale 331 TH (England)
  • "UK-14 PM" ("УК-14 ПМ") (Moldova)
  • FMC (Netherlands)