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Concrete and earth dams

Dam is the construction of a hydraulic type, performing the role of downstream watercourse barrier, erected to raise the water level to increase water pressure, and for the construction of reservoirs.

Concrete and earth dams

Particular types of construction

Top hydraulic engineers from the Department of Hydraulic and special works of  Group of companies OSNOVA have extensive practical experience in the designing and maintenance of dams, pumping stations, water pipes of large diameter for the interbasin transfer of water resources.

We perform

  • Design of dams, hydraulic structures
  • The construction of dams of soil and concrete
  • Construction of temporary water-filled dams
  • Reconstruction and repair works of dams in critical condition
  • Construction of dams for the construction of ponds

There is considerable experience of completed construction of reservoirs in the Crimea

  • Izobilnensky
  • Chernorechenskoye
  • Zagorskoe

Our specialists have been specially trained and got practical experience in engineering practices during work in project groups at institute "Ukrgiprovodhoz", Kiev (now "Ukrvodproekt") on the hydraulic facilities of Algeria, Tunisia on the contracts of "Selkhozpromexport", Moscow (1980-2000).

In Algeria

  • Dam Tilesdit
  • Dam Beni Zid
  • Dam Zit Emba
  • Dam Hammam Bougrara
  • Dam Babar (Bou Rahman)

In Tunisia

  • Dam Joumine
  • Dam Sejnane
  • Dam and water lines Sidi El Berrak
  • Dam Ghezala

OSNOVA supports cooperation with project offices STUDI (Tunisia), providing technical support during designing of dams in Senegal and Burkina Faso.