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Concrete and reinforced concrete works

Construction of monolithic concrete and reinforced concrete structures by Group of companies OSNOVA includes the following works

  • Formwork and reinforcement work
  • Monolithic works
  • Installation of construction elements

Concrete and reinforced concrete works

Civil engineering works

Monolithic works is a modern technology enabling to build any number of stores of the building and shape in the shortest period of time. The layout and dimensions of monolithic buildings are not limited in the size of the factory of reinforced concrete structures, which enables to take into account the wishes of the Customer to the greatest extent.

The advantages of monolithic construction

  • High speed of the construction
  • Almost "seamless" design
  • Long durability (more than 150 years)
  • Monolithic buildings are lighter than brick buildings by 15-20%
  • Decoration cost-cutting
  • Cost effectiveness in construction erection of formwork and monolithic buildings
  • Ability to work in winter
  • The possibility of the construction of complex high-rise buildings objects in space-limited environment of intense urban development using a minimum set of lifting devices
  • An important advantage is the ability to create a curvilinear forms, and it greatly expands the architectural possibilities.

Monolithic construction is the basic construction technology in our company. Using the achievements and benefits of reinforced concrete technology, and participating in the process of its improvement and scientific support, OSNOVA develops and carries out the following works:

  • Foundations and footages for industrial and high-rise buildings, regardless of the intensity of urban development, geological conditions using technology
    • "Slurry wall"
    • All types of pile and device technologies
    • Barrett
    • Jet technology (Jet-Grouting)
  • Shoring of foundations, fооtings of existing buildings and facilities
  • Retaining walls and deep foundation pits
  • Frameworks for residential, civil and industrial buildings of any complexity
  • Underground and surface capacitive facilities using preliminary pressed reinforcement
  • Industrial wastewater treatment facilities of increased aggressiveness
  • Technological constructions for industrial buildings of various complexity

The process of monolithic construction consists of several stages: preparation and installation of formwork, procurement and installation of reinforcement, preparation and delivery of concrete, and the actual placement of concrete.

Concreting of walls of high-rise buildings and structures are carried out using sliding formwork. The walls of high-rise buildings and high-rise structures (silos, copra), which have constant cross section height and the same thickness of the walls, are concreted in a sliding form.

Concreting is carried out continuously. In this case, all the processes and operations (reinforcement, embedded parts, insulation, laying of concrete, formwork rise) are carried out in a certain technological sequence, without interruption, and stops. This provides good quality of concrete and high pace of concreting.

To produce monolithic concrete constructions Group of companies OSNOVA uses self-propelled vertical climbing formwork made by company DOKA.

This type of formwork enables us

  • Тo perform work on building sites of any height with minimal use of lifting devices
  • To provide necessary safety conditions
  • To arrange work regardless of weather conditions
  • То еnsure high quality of works
  • To arrange works cycle on the building site efficiently

The use of this formwork system together with a set of concrete supply Putsmaister enabled us to build a high-rise part of the building 136 meters high and its 36 floors within 11 months, retail and office center PARUS, Mechnikova street, Kiev.

Having own production facilities and certified laboratories for quality control we are able to arrange a continuous manufacturing process and ensure the process quality and  the result.


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