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Construction laboratory

Year of commissioning: 2001
Headcount: 5
Geolocation: Kyiv

Our own Construction Laboratory located at territory of BETOMIX plant was accredited in 2001 for testing of building materials in accordance with the certificate No. PT-0232-/01 dated 11/07/01.

Basic information

The Laboratory carries out quality control of output products from the moment of incoming control of materials to final inspection at construction sites.

For testing building materials and products, the Group uses contemporary equipment and measuring devices meeting all requirements of existing standards.The accreditation of the construction measurement laboratory encompasses the following areas

  • Sand and gravel for construction works
  • Cement grouts
  • Concrete mixtures
  • Fittings, inserts, and welded joints
  • Lime water and putty
  • Heavy concretes
  • Concrete and reinforced concrete products
  • Ceramic and sand-lime bricks

All Laboratory employees are regularly trained at special seminars and go through advanced training courses.