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Foundation works

Foundation is one of the most critical parts of the building, reliable operation of other elements largely depends on its quality. Structural stability of the building above ground is ensured by strength and durability of the foundation.

Foundation works

Civil engineering works

Design, material and depth of the foundation depends on the size and nature of the external forces effecting the foundation, on solidity and the design features of the building (the presence of the basement, foundations for the equipment, the foundations of adjacent buildings, etc.) and on the natural conditions of the construction site (depth of freezing soils, the nature of their stratification, the presence of groundwater etc.)

Group of companies OSNOVA has carried out successfully  foundation works, being a market leader in this segment.

The constant increase in the volume of construction brings about the necessity to develop areas with difficult ground conditions (uneven compressible soil subsidence, undermined territories, permafrost and heaving soils). Widespread deployment of high-rise construction in areas with complex soil and wind conditions and external forces, which are different in magnitude and direction, suggests special attention to the design elements of the underground part of the building, i.e.  foundation.

OSNOVA performs the following  foundation works

  • Foundations for industrial and high-rise buildings, regardless of the intensity of development, geological conditions using technology
    • "Slurry wall"
    • All types of pile and device technologies
    • Barrett
    • Jet technology (Jet-Grouting)
  • Shoring of foundations, fооtings of existing buildings and facilities
  • Retaining walls and deep foundation pits

Pile foundation is the most common in the construction of high-rise buildings, it is used at low load bearing capacity or significant heterogeneity of the footing, whereas it is the most expensive type of foundation that provides the lowest yield of the building foundation.

Specialists of Group of companies OSNOVA constantly work on the solution and further improvement of technical and technological developments aimed at construction cost-cutting, reducing construction time by developing and implementing new technological schemes, more efficient materials, components and structures.


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