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General contract

Group of companies OSNOVA provides general contractual services on the market of housing, commercial, industrial and infrastructure construction as a set of solutions for planning, work delivery, engagement of qualified subcontractors, suppliers for materials and equipment, administration and supervision of work performance.

Our Group multitasking, high-qualified specialists who have solid work experience, own operations support facilities and more than 300 units of construction equipment ensure execution of up to 70% construction works using our own resources, which is proven by the quality and reduce the construction  terms, and reliably insure against chance of working with “negligent subcontractor”.

General contract

The service of general contract from group of companies OSNOVA includes

  • Analysis of the initial condition of the construction site and conducting necessary research
  • Advisory support on every stage of construction works execution
  • Construction budgeting and making construction works schedule
  • Selection of reliable, trustworthy companies-subcontractors
  • Arrangement of interaction between companies-subcontractors on the construction site
  • Documentation administration
  • Procurement, delivery, storing necessary materials and equipment
  • Control of quality, deadlines, budget on every stage of the construction
  • Control of compliance with safety regulations, labour protection, ecology and other standards according to the legislation
  • Interaction with engineering supervision, field supervision, regulative authorities
  • Improvement of adjacent territory
  • Assistance on connecting the building to utility networks
  • Facility commissioning and start-up operations

Additionally, Group of companies OSNOVA cooperates with specialized construction companies, which can get involved as subcontractors if necessary.

Service Categories

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Our advantages

Concluding an agreement of general contract with OSNOVA you will get a range of essential advantages

The responsibility for performed work is born by general contractor
You are provided with work administration, quality control, meeting the deadlines of performance and formal acceptance of performed works of construction companies-subcontractors
Compliance with calendar schedule of work performance
Financial savings
Risk minimization on construction budget deficit