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Industrial flooring. fibrous concrete

Industrial flooring. fibrous concrete

Particular types of construction

The Group has a specialized company – ROMEX-BETON, which specializes in the construction of concrete floors with reinforced top layer, concrete floors coated and concrete ties under the flooring of ceramic tiles, PVC and other materials used for:

  • Parking areas
  • Warehouses
  • Production plants
  • Garages
  • Shopping centers
  • Other objects that require a durable floor with high performance indices
  • High-strength concrete floors manufactured by our company, have a flat, smooth, non-slip and anti-static surface.

Concrete floor, reinforced with special powder formulations based on high-quality cements, superstable fillers and polymer additives, has a high resistance to abrasion, resistant to percussion, static and dynamic loads.

After smoothing the concrete surface with recessed hardener concrete is impregnated with acrylic lacquer, which provides dust removal, protection from exposure to grease and oil, as well as additional reinforcement. The use of these acrylic dispersions enable a layer to create a monolithic connection to the base plate in the process of hardening and it provides additional hydrophobization and hardening of the surface exploited.

To install floor carrier plate we apply not only  wire-mesh reinforcement, but also steel and polypropylene fibers (fiber concrete), as a result we achieve high fracture toughness of the floor.

Our company installed concrete floors with the upper reinforced layer, concrete polymer-coated floors and concrete ties in dozens of civil and industrial construction projects in Ukraine. When performing work we use a special construction machinery and equipment made by top European manufacturers: MECBO, BARIKELL, DYNAPAC, TREMIX, WEBER.