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Manufacture of construction drilling equipment and tools

Company OSNOVA-BROVARY, which is part of the Group of companies OSNOVA, offers a wide range of construction drilling equipment and tools for the installation of pile foundations, reinforcement cages, metal structures of various construction purposes

Manufacture of construction drilling equipment and tools

Particular types of construction

The product range

  • Drilling tools and equipment for pile-drilling operations of any complexity, for drilling rigs which have circular and cable-percussion
    • Continuous screws
    • Augers for CFA  with diameter from 300 to 1000mm
    • Bucket borax with diameter from 400 to 1500 mm
    • BOART with diameter from 400 to 1500 mm
    • Pitching borers for CFA and bored piles
    • Chisels
    • Tremi pipes
  • Production of metal structures
    • Columns and half-timbering
    • Frames, beams, trusses
    • Ladders, platforms and railings

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The choice of materials for the manufacture of drilling tools and equipment is determined by high performance requirements. Drilling tool is made from  high-alloy steel, which greatly increases its durability, resistance to bending and pressure and the use of cutting tools of various configurations, reinforced with hard alloy enables drilling in soils of category IV.

Complete production cycle includes engineering calculation, the production cycle, as well as a multi-level quality control.

In addition to product sales, the company OSNOVA-BROVARY also offers installation works.

Production output is certified for compliance with to State standards, All Union State standard and ESKD according to the requirements and preferences of the Customer.

Main advantages

  • Competitive quality comparing with similar companies Soilmec, Casagrande, Bauer
  • Innovative design solutions
  • Experienced and highly qualified specialists
  • Affordable pricing policy

If you want to order and purchase our products, you can contact the following contacts

Ukraine 07403 Kyiv region. Brovary, 14-A Budennogo str.

Phone / Fax: (04594) 667 52
e-mail: osnova@brovary.kiev.ua


Commercial Director of the Group OSNOVA
Galkin Andrey V.

Phone: +38 044 569 45 91
e-mail: a.galkin@osnova-group.com.ua