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Monolithic process tanks

Monolithic process tanks

Particular types of construction

The use of energy-saving technologies and increased environmental safety requirements initiated the designing and installation of monolithic process vessels with complex geometric configuration of building structures, which accuracy is a condition of successful operation of the vessel.

Scope of monolithic tank (silos) use  is not limited, as the reservoirs can store any kind of liquids and solids. The tanks are used both as industrial purification systems, and as decantation tank


Monolithic tanks have several advantages compared to steel ones

  • Steel spread for 1m3 of  monolith reservoir is approximately two times less than steel ones
  • There are less heat losses than in the steel ones 8 - 12 times
  • They have a high level of fire resistance

OSNOVA has constructed a biological clarification for leather –recycling plant in Bolekhiv (Ivano-Frankivsk region), where the main cleaning process is done without the use of pumping equipment through the use of monolithic concrete tanks of different configurations, trays and height differences.

These kinds of works were also performed for the construction of plants ENZIM in Lviv and KRAFT FOODS in Kiev region.

The use of acid concrete structures enables to improve the corrosion resistance.

The use of concrete with increased demands for water tightness in the construction of the plant in CERSANIT Novograd Volyn (Zhytomyr region), plant for the production of electrical equipment for cars LEONI WIRING SYSTEM, Stry (Lviv region) enabled to construct water storage tanks and process vessels without the use of special waterproofing technologies, which enabled customers to reduce construction costs and improve the reliability of structures.