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Nondestructive testing laboratory

Year of commissioning: 2012
Headcount: 5
Geolocation: Brovary

Control and measurement of parameters during the manufacture and installation of steelworks is performed by our own OSNOVA Nondestructive Testing Laboratory in order to improve the quality, reliability, and safety of operation of STEELTECH products.

Basic information

The laboratory is manned by certified NDT experts and equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment using modern testing technologies that meet all international standards.

The laboratory is certified to carry out measurements of steelwork parameters according to regulatory documents in construction

  • State Construction Standard V.2.6-163:2010 (ДБН В.2.6-163:2010) "Steel structures. Standards of design, manufacture, and installation" (subparagraphs 2.8.20; 2.8.21; 2.8.22; 2.8.25; 2.8.26; 2.8.27; 2.8.28; 2.8.31) — for welded joints and steelwork production
  • Construction rules and regulations (СНиП) 3.03.01-87 "Bearing structures and walling" (subparagraphs 8.56 - 8.59) — for erection joints

Non-destructive testing allows for using different methods of examination preserving the operational features of construction objects.


Nondestructive testing is performed using the following methods

  • Visual method (VT)
  • Ultrasonic method (destructive testing of welds, thickness measurements) (UT)
  • Magnetic particle method (MT)
  • Penetrant (capillary) method (PT)

After taking nondestructive control testing measurements a technical report on feasibility of commissioning this object (steel construction) is issued including the recommendations to address drawbacks and defects (if necessary).