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Year of incorporation: 2004
Headcount: 100
Production area: 2,500 m2
Capacity: 300-400 t/month
Geolocation: Brovary

OSNOVA-BROVARY is a Ukrainian producer of drilling equipment and tools for construction of pile foundations, reinforcement cages, and steel structures for various construction purposes.

Company Profile

  • Manufacture of a wide range of drilling tools and equipment to perform pile and drilling works of any complexity, as well as for rotary-drill and cable-percussion boring machines
    • Continuous flight augers
    • CFA augers of 300 to 1,000 mm diameter
    • Bucket augers of 400 to 1,500 mm diameter
    • Core drills of 400 to 1,500 mm diameter
    • Pitching-borers for root and insitu piles
    • Chisels
    • Tremie pipes
  • Production of steel structures
    • Columns and frame pillars
    • Frames, beams, trusses
    • Ladders, platforms, and railings
    • Erecting works

The output products are certified by national standard Certificates of Conformity.

The complete production cycle includes engineering calculations, production cycle, as well as a multi-level quality control.

Materials for the manufacture of drilling tools and equipment are selected based on strict performance requirements. Drilling tools are manufactured out of high-alloy steels, therefore significantly increasing its durability, bending strength, impact resistance, and the use of cutting tools of various configurations reinforced with hard alloy allows for drilling in I-V category soils.

Major Advantages

  • Competitive quality compared to similar products of Soilmec, Casagrande, and Bauer
  • Innovative design solutions
  • Experienced highly qualified experts
  • Affordable pricing policy

OSNOVA-BROVARY designs and manufactures drilling tools following Customer’s requirements in accordance with the State Standard and Unified System of Design Documentation.