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Pre-construction works

Pre-construction works are one of the most important stages of the construction, as it is them that will determine in the future the reliability and durability of all other buildings.

Pre-construction works

Civil engineering works

The basis for the accuracy of the construction is a set of geodetic works, some of which relate to the pre-construction period, and some are carried out directly during the construction of the building.

We carry out a number of pre-construction works, which include

  • Land clearing and preparation for its development
  • Dismantling and removal of buildings and structures
  • Construction waste removal and recycling
  • Construction of temporary roads, utilities and facilities
  • Placement of mobile buildings at the construction site
  • Placement of mobile buildings at the construction site

Group of construction companies OSNOVA has all the necessary resources, i.e. machinery, equipment and specialists, in order to prepare the site for the future construction to the highest standard and within the shortest possible period of time