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Production of concrete mixtures

Group of companies OSNOVA offers high quality concrete of all brands in order to contribute to the goals of our business partners and customers in the construction.

Production of concrete mixtures

Particular types of construction

Production of concrete mixtures is performed in our own factory Betomix.

We developed more than 70 compositions of concrete classes B7.5 - B60 of different mobilities using BETOMIX

  • For root piles
  • For bored piles
  • For vertical and horizontal structures of buildings
  • For the "slurry wall" and Barrett (sustained at 3.5-4 hour concrete setting)
  • For arched roof constructions
  • Hydraulic concrete W6-W12
  • Fine concrete
  • Cast and hardened concrete for floors
  • Fibrous concrete
  • High-quality concrete strength up to 700 kgf / cm2

Thanks to full automatization of the process, the Customer  is guaranteed to get high quality concrete mix with specified parameters of plasticity, frost resistance, water resistance, and so on.

Quality control of concrete construction is provided by its own laboratory, located at the plant Betomix. The laboratory has been accredited in 2001 for testing of building materials in accordance with the certificate number PT-0232- / 01 of 11/07/01. The laboratory carries out quality control of products ranging  from incoming inspection of materials to the final control at construction sites. For testing building materials and products we use modern equipment, measuring instruments, which meet the requirements of existing rules.

In 2002 the company was certified according to quality system ISO 9001-2008, where the following concrete classes have been certified: B7.5-B60, W6-W12, F200, and the plant has Certificates of conformity of national standard.

Group of companies OSNOVA owns its own fleet of truck mixers. This enables us to respond instantly, ready-mixed concrete can be delivered to the construction site within two hours after receiving a telephone enquiry. Thus, our company ensure compliance with the established cycle of works during construction regardless of the season and time of the day.