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Production of metal structures

Metal structures are currently widely used in all types of buildings and engineering structures, particularly if large spans, height and load are required. Metal has high structural flexibility and plasticity, it effectively enforces almost any operational requirements. We manufacture metal at our metal producing plant STALTEH, and mature the whole production cycle.

Production of metal structures

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The manufacturing process consists of the following main stages

Rolled metal warehouse
Main warehouse of rolled metal products is designed to accumulate monthly consumption of plant within the scope of 1,600 m, where 100% incoming inspection is carried out for incoming metal, straightening, shot blasting is performed before supply to blank production.

Blank production
Blank production produces 35-70 tons of different types of blanks per day and supplies their sets to assembly line. It includes the following operations:

  • Treatment by shot
  • Sheet mating into cards
  • Cutting (mechanical and thermal)
  • Chiselling
  • Bending
  • Dressing
  • Preparation of welding edges
  • Trimming
  • Drilling
  • Polishing
  • Fitting
  • Punching

It fully meets the modern process requirements and the developed design documentation.

Assembling consists of two subsequent segments, namely: 

  • Mechanical assembly of I-section and other sections of beams with further automatic welding of trunks
  • final assembling of marks according to drawings of detailed metal structures including
    • Setting out
    • Design component installations
    • Semi-automatic tack welding of design components
    • assembling quality control

Spatial structures are assembled by planes that are assembled on marked copiers followed by check assembly after monitoring of geometric dimensions and welding.

Welding production
Welding production is completed by equipment to perform the following main types of activities:

  • Automatic submerged arc welding
  • Semi-automatic gas shielded welding
  • Manual arc welding

All welding production activities are carried out according to process maps designed in advance, which indicate: welding type, welds technique, geometrical parameters, welding modes, and permissible standards of deviation.

High-quality welding is achieved due to the following technology:

  • Welding edge preparation (cleaning, degreasing)
  • Preparation of welding materials according to process flow diagram (selection of welding materials, drying, drying, calcination, degreasing, descaling and rust removal, if needed)
  • Preparation of welding equipment for operation (installation of necessary process modes of equipment, connection of auxiliary equipment, trial operation)
  • Welding joints directly
  • Welding joint cleaning from slag, splashing – welds repair by backing welding, if necessary
  • Welding quality control
  • Anti-corrosion protection of metal structure surface

Anti-corrosion protection
Anti-corrosion and/or special protection of metal structures envisages protective layer on their surface to maintain their performance and other characteristics in accordance with technical specifications of the product, and includes the following process operations:

  • Metal surface scale and shot-blast cleaning
  • Direct putting of anti-corrosion layer according to the requirements of technical specifications for a product and process flow diagram
  • Drying of products (thermal blowing and heating)
  • Process transport and lifting cranes of the plant

A key objective of handling operation is maximum automation of handling process of raw materials, materials, blanks, details, components, assemblies and finished products in the selected process chain of production, it includes container, batch and single-piece transfer of loads by process production line.