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Quay walls, embankments

The Group of companies OSNOVA offers construction or reconstruction of piers, harbor walls, embankments.

Quay walls, embankments

Particular types of construction

A berth is a  section of the coast, which is specially equipped for mooring, parking, repair and maintenance of ships. They can be of a different type of construction, among which the quay wall which is usually located along the coast, or it can be of a  complex shape; it can be a  part of the coast, increasing its rentable area. Construction of such a mooring type can be made from various types of dowel, gabion structures, or reinforced concrete on the water area with considerable agitation.

An embankment is a structure bypassing a coastline of  the shoreline of a sea or a river. Embankment  serves to give the shore a correct form, to shore it, to protect it from erosion, to give an easy passage along the coast (city embankment), it serves as a mooring of vessels directly to the territory to facilitate the transfer of cargo and passenger transport from shore to the ship and back (port embankments).

Our experts from the Department of Hydraulic and special works professionally perform works of any complexity with different technologies on all types of waters.