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Repair/reconstruction and strengthening of foundations of existing buildings

Foundation is a basis of the entire structure, an indicator of reliability and durability; when constructing foundation all the factors should be kept in mind (from the purpose of the building destination object to the type of soil).

Repair/reconstruction and strengthening of foundations of existing buildings

Particular types of construction

The complexity of the soil base, the variety and variability of factors that affect the design of the underground part of the building, determine the need to identify, study and develop constructive activities exactly meet the requirements of soils.

Group of companies OSNOVA carries out restoration of architectural monuments, reconstruction of buildings and structures in dense urban areas, using construction techniques, that do not adversely affect the condition of facilities, strengthens the foundation and the foundation under it.

A smart way of strengthening is to apply technologies for installation of CFA piles of small diameter with the possibility to inject zones of weak foundation areas or jet grouting, and if the foundation is solid, piles are pressed.

For foundation shoring works Group of companies OSNOVA uses small-sized high-performance drilling rigs MINIFOR, KLEMM, HAUSHERR. Their technical parameters enable drilling at any angle to a depth of 50m. In addition, installation MINIFOR and KLEMM have small dimensions enabling to carry out work in basements or interior of buildings.

Our implemented projects

  • Foundation shoring in a former City Council, Kontraktova Sq., 12/8
  • Reconstruction of foundations for the Academy of the National Bank of Ukraine on  St. Andrew's str., 1 in Kyiv
  • Foundation shoring at restoration of historical and architectural monument of XI century. - Dormition Cathedral at Kiev-Pechersk Lavra
  • Shoring foundation works at othe Opera House in Odessa
  • Foundation shoring using  jet grouting, Chigorin, str. 2, Kyiv
  • Installation of pile foundation at restoration the historical and architectural monument of the XII century. - St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery
  • Cut-off diaphragm at reconstruction of the State Committee for the Protection of labor, 8 Shevchenko blvd., Kyiv
  • Foundation shoring to build up two floors of a residence building, 15/5 Instytutska str., Kiev
  • Installation of the foundation plate and the diaphragm seal when restoring the architectural monument of the XIX century. – in the residential estate, 13/5 Igorevskaya str., Kiev
  • Foundation shoring for the construction of the first Ukrainian hotel network Radisson preserving the historic facade of the building in Kiev
  • Foundation shoring for the reconstruction of the National Tezikov circus in Simferopol
  • Soil foundation shoring, foundation shoring during restoration  of the historic and architectural monument of the XII century. – St. Cyril’s Church in Kiev
  • Project development and implementation shoring  foundation for the reconstruction of the restaurant "Leipzig", Prorizna street, Kiev
  • Foundation shoring during repair and restoration works, and excretion from an emergency condition of the Jesuit monastery  XVII., Vinnitsa
  • Foundation shoring of St. Nicholas church  Dominican Sisters Monastery, XVII century, Belz, Lviv region.
  • Slope shoring and foundation shoring during the design and repair, emergency works for St. Andrew's Church, XVIII century located in  National Reservation " Kyiv Sophia " located Kyiv
  • A complete set of top-priority emergency and restoration works of the National Arts and Culture and Museum Center "Mistetsky arsenal", Kiev
  • Foundation shoring during the work on the reconstruction of the National sports center "Olympiysky", Kiev