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Residential property

Types of work

Civil engineering is the main and the most ancient construction type, where stable economy is the most important influencing factor. It is the field that makes direct impact on the quality of population living standards.

One of business areas of construction Group OSNOVA is civil engineering ranging from private cottages to tower buildings involving complex underground part under conditions of restricted urban area. Group has huge experience in constructing civil buildings and projects, which can be proven with numerous successful projects.

Civil engineering area ensures gain in  volume of housing facilities stock and change in its structure, start-up works as for new architectural and building systems of upgraded safety integrity level, new construction types and new technologies of their installation, cost saving for construction materials, energy saving, workforce saving during construction and upkeep of buildings.

Increase in construction volume under restrained urban conditions causes the need in development of districts with complicated soil conditions, study of properties of applied materials and technologies, and stipulates integrity of construction process in the whole.

Group of companies OSNOVA meets all the requirements and demands of Customers; it is in line with economic situation and general condition of the area, transforming challenges into its constant success.