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The most important part of any building and facility is its roof. Roof  is an outer shell of the building, it consists of two main elements: a base and a top coat. The main function of the roof is to protect the interior of the building from the negative impact of environmental factors: rain, snow, wind, etc. One more important function is the the aesthetic appearance, which helps the building blend into the ensemble of the surrounding buildings.


Civil engineering works

Roofing is not only a roof decking (installation of roof system, crate stacking and coating), it also includes insulation, waterproofing and roof reconstruction. The quality of roofing effects the comfort of staying in the building, construction security and durability of the building.

Roof types provided by Group of companies OSNOVA, using high quality materials

  • Metal roofs, including roofing made of non-ferrous metals and alloys (roof of corrugated board, metal, copper roof, zinc-titanium roof)
  • Soft roof (soft membrane roof, soft, roll roofing, roof shingles)
  • The roof of the ceramic and cement-sand tiles

Modern roof is a very complex structure, which is like a "cake" consisting of multiple layers. The components of this cake include: vapor barrier film, heater, windscreen and roof covering, which provide the necessary waterproofing. Depending on Customer preferences and roof type of roof, these components may vary. Proper design of the roof must provide ventilation of roof space, reliable sound insulation, protection against heat loss and condensation inside the building.

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