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Sliding and climbing formwork

Sliding and climbing formwork

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A formwork is an important component of engineering in monolithic construction. It is a range of components and details providing the required shape of concrete building structures, they are important with regard to the aesthetic, speed and reliability of construction.

Fast improvement of monolithic construction resulted in development of formwork systems.

Sliding formwork is used for concreting of walls of high-rise buildings and structures (silos, copra) having a uniform cross section according to the height, and similar wall thickness. Sliding formwork has special features; it is designed and manufactured for a specific facility.

It is a spatial formwork form mounted across the walls and climbing with their concreting by hydraulic jacks. Its main components are shields, jacking frames, work deck, suspended scaffolding, jack rods installed on the axis of the walls, and jacks. Jacking frames are the main bearing components, the concrete form panels that withstand concrete mix pressure are installed on them. Scaffolds are suspended to jacking frames; work deck loading is put on them. Jacks supported by rods that climb the whole formwork structure are installed on the jack frames.

Concreting is performed continuously. At the same time, all the processes and operations (installation of reinforcement and embedded parts, insulation, lying of concrete mixture, formwork climbing) are performed according to a strict technological sequence without interruption and stops. This provides high quality concrete and high rate of concreting.



  • Vertical climbing formwork Doka SКЕ 50 consists of
  • Working platform for concreting
  • Wall formwork components, Tор 50
  • Lifting beam МF240
  • SКЕ 50
  • Working platform
  • Suspension platforms

This type of formwork enables to:

  • Perform activities at buildings of any height with minimum use of lifting devices
  • Provide necessary labor safety conditions
  • Arrange activities independently on weather conditions
  • Provide quality of activities
  • Efficiently arrange process cycle of activities at a site

Application of this framework system together with Putsmaister concrete supply set allowed construction of high-rise part of the building with the height of 136 meters and 36 storeys within 11 months, and a trade - office center “PARUS” in Kyiv, Mechnikova Str.