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JetGrouting technology

JetGrouting technology is an option of technical decision on strengthening the basement to prevent hazardous deformations of buildings and structures. This technology covers almost the whole range of soils: from gravel deposits to fine disperse clays and silts. It is very efficient in shoring of foundations and basements, especially under restrained urban conditions.

JetGrouting technology

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JetGrouting technology is used in construction of single pile foundations, construction and shoring of strip foundations and solid foundation slabs assembled of intersecting soil-cement piles, construction of supporting walls to increase the stability of slopes and consolidation of weak and watered soil around the underground structures under construction, provide anti-capillary horizontal hydraulic insulation, renew integrity and water tightness of enclosing structures, and construct ground water cutoffs.

JetGrouting technology for ground stabilization is based on its hydraulic destruction and replacement by cement mortar. It includes the following main operations

  • Drilling of the well and jet monitor water jetting to the full depth of soil stabilization
  • Monitor lifting and its simultaneous rotation and supply of horizontal jet and hardener through nozzle resulting in a column of cement brick

Jet injection column may be generated with diameter from  0.5 m to 2.0 m at a required depth.

JetGrouting technology enables using of hardeners, which do not significantly depend on soil properties, obtaining the areas of reinforced soil of certain dimensions, form and quality at the desired depth, preventing of slope collapse, and increasing of pile bearing capacity to horizontal and vertical loading.

The advantages of the JetGrouting technology are its efficiency, high performance, the ability to perform close-quarter work, absence of noise and vibrations during operations, environmental friendliness of all process operations, and the ability to perform work at a given depth interval.