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Bridges and transportation engineering installations

Bridges, overpasses, elevated roads, tunnels and other transportation structures as the most important elements of transportation infrastructure play an important role both in economical, social and cultural development of the country and in a life of each person in particular. During many years in our country increase in traffic is much more intensive than development of road infrastructure.

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Specialists of the Department of Construction of bridges and other complex engineering constructions in the Group companies OSNOVA mastered all the existing methods of construction of artificial engineering structures. With modern facilities of automated design tools and powerful engineering potential, based on our own experience and achievements of domestic and global bridge-building, the Department is able to meet the challenges of integrated design and construction of transport facilities of any complexity and purpose:
-Pedestrian and bridge overpasses
-Automotive and railroad bridges
-Interchanges, overhead roads and viaducts
-Multilevel ground and underground parkings
-Heliports and helicopter platforms of different categories with adjacent infrastructure
-Aircraft bridges
The Company has the most advanced technology and equipment to perform work on the construction of artificial engineering constructions in areas with particularly difficult geological conditions, namely landslide areas, mountainous terrain, especially in cramped conditions.