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Commercial real estate

Construction of commercial (non-residential) facilities requires the same level of attention and responsibility as construction of civil facilities.

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Select a building of interest for more information

Buildings belonging to this type of real estate could serve to different purposes. It could be shopping-malls, office buildings or storage facilities. The Group of the companies OSNOVA offers the package of services in the area of modern commercial real estate’s construction in conformity with all appropriate requirements.
Responding to importance of the market, individuality is the basic element taken into account in construction of commercial property.
Construction is the process that consumes enough big volume of time and labor and requires the set of works from a concept of the project to assembly and finishing works. That is why we take into account the purpose and peculiarity of every particular building, environment of the construction area and requests of our Customers. Application of modern constructional technologies and multiyear experience of OSNOVA Group’s professionals gives an opportunity to materialize any business project reasonably using its capabilities and resources on conditions advantageous for the Customer.
Presently our company has a necessary technical basis for accomplishment of the constructional projects of any level of complexity:
  • Shopping malls
  • Hotels, restaurants
  • Administrative office buildings and business centers
  • Sport centers, automobile show rooms, shops, trade centers etc.
  • Storehouse facilities
  • Parkings and different underground structures

Our portfolio includes more that 150 successfully accomplished constructional projects of different commercial estate inside and outside of a city.