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Hydroengineering structures

Civil construction is the basic and the oldest type of construction where economic stability is the most important influencing factor. This particular branch has a direct effect on the people’s living standards.

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More about hydroengineering structures

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High-efficient equipment, the newest geological technologies and experience of the OSNOVA Group professionals allow successful solving of the following hydroengineering tasks

  • Complete work package for construction of river and maritime hydroengineering structures on a “turn-key ready” basis within short terms with guaranteed quality
  • Certain building and installation works at the hydroengineering facilities
  • Soil geotechnical and laboratory research
  • Development and adjustment of a project when necessary according to the conditions of a project
  • Damming earthworks (digging, embankment, water drainage, prisms’ stone riprap and paving)
  • Cast reinforced concrete structures (concrete dams, dam outlets, water extraction installations, water supply galleries, pumping stations, bridges and water supply structures on primary roads)

OSNOVA provides flood works, shore protection at the river banks and seashores.

High quality of engineering services is achieved due to high professional qualification, continual skills improvement, learning of the best practice and possessing of high efficient equipment.

Design center of OSNOVA Group is responsible for hydroengineering designing within and outside of Ukraine.

Design center implements its capabilities in the following hydroengineering areas

  • Water diversion structures (big diameter pipelines, channels with appropriate structures, pumping stations)
  • Storage reservoirs and ponds with the full complex of necessary structures
  • Watertight structures including those that are made by “wall in soil” type
  • Flood protection systems and structures
  • Antierosion environmental constructions
  • Protection of river banks and seashores
  • Drainage of waterlogged territories
  • Road culverts
  • Hydroengineering control and measuring instrumentation
  • Development of operational regulations for exploitation of hydroengineering constructions
  • Development of tender documentation for hydroengineering facilities


Design center cooperates with leading Ukrainian research institutes and European experts when solving complicated theoretical tasks and forecasting influence on the environment. High professional level of our hydraulic engineers makes them requested as experts for international projects by such organizations as    Bureau of Cooperation of the Swiss Confederation with Ukraine, consulting company "ARCADIS Euroconsult" (Holland).

Vast experience of successfully accomplished works

Landslide control measures in Crimea

  • Reinforcement of the shore face, the city of Gursuf
  • Ground protection, the cities of Alushta and Yalta
  • Bank reinforcement of the bay, the city of Yalta
  • For building of recreational complex and Japanese garden, the city of Alupka


Protection of the part of the Black Sea shore

  •  construction of water breakers, Odessa city


Construction of water reservoirs in Crimea

  • Izobilnenskoye
  • Chernorechenskoye
  • Zagorskoye


Flood protection works in Zakarpattia

  • The village of Kvasovo
  • The city of Khust
  • Dams along the Tisa River


Our leading hydraulic engineers have vast practical experience of designing and maintenance of dams, pumping stations, big diameter pipelines for transfer of water resources in Tunisia and Algeria. OSNOVA maintains cooperation with the design bureau STUDI (Tunisia), rendering technical assistance in dams’ designing in Senegal and Burkina Faso.