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Civil construction is the basic and the oldest type of construction where economic stability is the most important influencing factor. This particular branch has a direct effect on the people’s living standards.

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Civil construction from cottages to many-storeyed complexes with complicated underground part under restrictions of constrained urban area is one of the OSNOVA Group’s business segments. The Group’s vast experience in building of complexes and commercial facilities is evidenced by a number of successful projects.
The branch of civil construction provides for housing facilities’ volume increase, change of its structure, commissioning of the new architectural and constructional systems of increased safety level, new types of structures and new construction technologies, building materials’, energy and labor cost decrease.
Increase of construction volume under restrictions of constrained urban area makes necessary development of new districts with complicated ground conditions, study the properties of the materials and technologies applied and preconditions integrity of facilities’ building in general.

The Group of the companies OSNOVA corresponds to the strict requirements and requests of the Customers, adjusts to the economic situation and general state of the branch turning challenges into its permanent success.